About Us

Turant Call Infocom Pvt Ltd is an innovative company established in 2073 B.S by a group of enthusiastic individuals to make all kinds of information available online.

In the world of fast growing technology, time has been a great matter of concern. People want to get services which are within the reach of a click as it is time saving and easy to compare products and services online. Turant call has made an endeavor to bring all such information at a common point and make life technologically sound. We act as a bridge between the buyer and seller and help them to exchange numbers, chat online so that they can buy or sell the products or services.

We have taken a rapid stride to collect information from all Nepal and encouraged local sellers to enlist their products online so that it's a win win situation for both the seller and buyers.

We also provide services 24*7 by establishing call center so that those with less technical knowledge can also access our services.

Turant Call Infocom has been been started by two Individuals.

1. Arun Patel

(MBA Marketing and Finance)